The ultimate objective of our events is liberation for animals by the abolition of their exploitation in every form. The focus will be on street activism in various forms and vegan outreach.

A bystander and an outreacher are having a conversation
Photo by Wohtek Hubar

Our community

We are a grass-roots, love-based community fighting for animal liberation. We are part of the international organization Animal Save Movement.
In addition to Animal Save Movement, there are two more pillars:

  1. Climate Save Movement – focuses on providing information about the devastating impact of animal agriculture on our planet.
  2. Health Save Movement – focuses on providing information about what animal and plant products mean to our health.

Animal Save Nederland

Animal Save Nederland also includes actions at slaughterhouses, the so-called Saves or vigils. We bear witness to pigs, cows, chickens and other farmed animals en route to slaughter. By filming and photographing the animals and sharing this on social media we (re)connect consumers to the forgotten individuals of their food choices.

You can read more about Saves/vigils on our main website (Dutch only). Or visit our Facebook-page.

Save Square

Our main outreach event is called a Save Square: we show footage from factory farms and slaughterhouses while having conversations with bystanders who approach us. To have them think about their (food) choices regarding animals. By asking questions and providing resources we help them move towards a vegan conclusion.

This video gives a clear example of questions we ask bystanders

More activism

Other forms of our outreach include showing footage of rescued animals living at sanctuaries. That way we¬†help people reconnect with animals by¬†emphasizing that they are sentient beings, rather than ‘living things’.

We also offer a VR headset to the public for an in-depth experience in a slaughterhouse. Or we hand out vegan snacks to introduce the public to tasty plant-based food.

Once in a while we get creative during artistic chalk events to spread the vegan message!

A group picture of a lot of Save Movement Outreach volunteers
Photo by Wohtek Hubar

We are an inclusive movement

Our community is an inclusive movement that recognizes that all forms of discrimination are interconnected.

We believe that putting an end to violence and oppression begins with love, respect, and kindness to all living things – regardless of race, gender or species.

Respect, understanding and compassion are the foundation of our movement.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

Martin Luther King Jr.

People standing in a Save Square, wearing a blindfold and holding up screens and signs
Photo by Wohtek Hubar

Get active

Our events are for everyone who supports our mission and approach. Even if you are not yet completely vegan, you are welcome to participate. This way you can learn more about veganism and you may find the right help and tools to make the transition to a plant-based lifestyle.

Our events are mostly held in larger cities. Check our Events page to view the upcoming events near you.