When you participate for the first time it can be a bit exciting. We recommend starting in the Square with a sign or laptop. This way you can listen to conversations and get an idea of how this event works. You can also shadow experienced outreachers.

If you feel confident and want to do outreach right away, please feel free to do so. And also, as long as you don’t feel comfortable about doing outreach, that’s fine too. You can always participate in the Square.


Inspiration and examples of outreach conversations can also be found online: watch some videos from well-known vegan activists, such as That Vegan Couple en Earthling Ed.

Earthling Ed also wrote an e-book with 30 non-vegan excuses and how to respond to them. To equip you with the knowledge and communication tips that you need to positively and confidently advocate for veganism. Don’t feel like reading? Check out his video series.