A Save Square is a form of street activism with a tight formation that attracts the attention of the public. With videoscreens and catchy signs we invite bystanders to take a closer look.

People with a see-through blindfold will stand in a square formation (the Square), while others will talk to bystanders watching the footage (outreachers). The participants regularly switch roles.

When you’re standing in the Square you can raise your hand to alert an outreacher in the following cases:

  • If you want to take a break or want to switch roles to do outreach
  • If a bystander talks to you
  • If you see an interested bystander who has not yet been approached by an outreacher (describe an appearance (e.g. red coat) without pointing)
  • If you see a child under the age of +/- 12 watching the footage without parental supervision (if applicable: tilt your screen)