Animal agriculture is absolutely devastating for the animals, and it’s also destroying our planet. When environmental emergency gets to critical levels, all life on earth is in danger.

Photo by Sam Beebe

Animal agriculture

Animal agriculture is responsible for huge amounts of greenhouse gases, such as CO2, methane and nitrous oxide, which cause global warming, more than all transportation combined, including all aircraft.

According to scientist Joseph Poore from Oxford University, the total greenhouse gas emissions would decrease by one quarter if the entire population adopted a completely plant-based diet.

Other destroying effects of the livestock industry are large-scale deforestation (mostly in the Amazon), water and soil pollution, water depletion and ocean dead zones. Partly because of this, the lives of many animals and animal species are in danger.

The vast majority of people tend to focus on flying less or avoid the use of plastic (straws). Veganism is often overlooked.

Photo by @ApesFinal

Get active for our planet

As a vegan in a non-vegan world, you can experience feelings of sadness and hopelessness. By getting active you can spread the vegan message and you will meet lots of like-minded people!

If you want to help save the planet and all of her inhabitants, join us!